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Brad and Skye met at the beginning of their careers as Financial Advisors during the training program at Merrill Lynch. It was there where they gained valuable experience advising high-net-worth individuals and managing their assets. After a few years of gaining insight into how large financial institutions operated, they realized that these companies generally were more focused on selling a product rather than providing the best solution for their clients. Branding themselves as a “one-stop shop” for every aspect of their client’s financial life while providing blanket services that the banks incentivize their advisors to sell. Brad and Skye saw this as an opportunity to create an independent wealth management practice that had complete autonomy of the suite of wealth management services that they provide with no incentive other than to create value for their clients.

Creative Investments was founded in 2020 to offer clients personalized relationships through a suite of value-focused wealth management services that provide financial peace of mind so clients can pursue what they are passionate about. With this mission, Creative Investments has grown to over 250 clients throughout the United States and continues in its global pursuit to provide independent, unbiased financial advice.

  • 2020
    Company Founded
  • 37
  • + $1,000,000
    Target Net Worth


Clients We Serve

Affluent Individuals / Families
Business Owners / Entrepreneurs
Professional Athletes
Corporate Executives
$1 million +
$2.5 million +

Client Service

Offering our clients financial peace of mind to allow them to pursue what they are passionate about
Open communication to consistently evaluate their financial goals
Specialists dedicated to streamline and secure your entire financial picture



Free from the constraint of proprietary products and banking relationships, we are able to have complete autonomy with our clients to determine which investment options are best suited for their unique financial situation.

focus on what we can control

By eliminating high fee investment products, avoiding unnecessary taxes, and applying your unique risk tolerance we focus on building the most efficient portfolio. This keeps the largest amount of money invested in your portfolio that over the long-term puts you in the best position to achieve your financial goals.

access to

LPL Financial puts us in an exclusive position to offer our clients investment opportunities that aren’t available to the public. This gives investors the ability to diversify their investments, manage market volatility, and provide an alternative source of return.


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