Creative Investments values unbiased investment research and advice. We have access to many independent research resources that allow us to thoroughly analyze product research and only select investments that are best suited to our clients' needs. Creative Investments offers no proprietary products, investment banking business, or any other conflicts that can get in the way of providing independent, objective, and unbiased investment research.

Our Investment Approach

We believe the best path to investing is to focus on what we can control, so we avoid utilizing fee heavy mutual funds and delegating investment management to third parties. This reduces your expenses and increases our accountability. With our award-winning research team at LPL, we utilize individual stocks and bonds to establish the base of our client’s portfolios.

As fiduciaries, our clients do not pay trading costs or commissions. Our fee structure is completely transparent and ties our compensation directly to the performance of your accounts

Retirement Planning

Every client has unique financial goals and challenges. Our first step is to get to know you personally. We understand life can change in an instant. Your plan will evolve as your goals, the economy, and the markets change. From managing cash flow to planning for retirement, our teams builds customized financial plans to put you in the best position to succeed.

Tax Planning

Tax implications often factor heavily into various financial decisions. We proactively help you identify any potential savings opportunities to achieve a more thorough financial strategy. This model provides a truly comprehensive wealth management experience and aims to ensure that your financial plan is tax-optimized from the start.

Estate Planning

The most effective multigenerational and philanthropic planning – gifts, contributions, charitable giving, trusts, and foundations – will occur during your lifetime. We develop and implement customized strategies that minimize estate taxes, maximize lifetime giving opportunities, and protect assets for future generations.

Real Estate Planning

Real Estate is often forgotten when discussing Financial Planning. Providing guidance on physical assets alongside portfolio assets is the true definition of holistic wealth management. From searching for your dream home to analyzing your next investment property, our experienced team will be with you every step of the way in achieving your Real Estate aspirations.


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